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About Hindi Shree Publication

Hindi Shree Publications was founded in 2021 by Savitri Kumari, wife of famous poet and writer Anand Amit. The main objective of Hindi Shree Publication is to provide the facility of publication to the authors at reasonable prices. So that established authors as well as new authors can get their books published. Writers have the most trouble in publishing books by visiting the publisher’s office, yet their books are not published for 2 years.

Hindi Shree Publication was established for the purpose of saving writers from such problems. Through Hindi Shree Publication, now authors can get their book published in 1-3 months sitting at their home. Hindi Shree Publications publishes eBooks, Perfect Paper Back and Hard Back Books. Along with this, Hindi Shree Publication can also be contacted for organizing Kavi Sammelans.

Proprietor Hindi Shree Publication- Savitri Kumari

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